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  核心提示:梅利莎英国工程师有机会在45°N-12使用这个新Klugh监视器和他的乐队为伯爵在最近的一次展示举行的喜瑞都表演艺术中心在加州。 “I have to say that I could not hea...

“I have to say that I could not hear the stage at all while I was at front of house,” states Britton. “The NEXO line monitors were super clean. “我不得不说,我听不到舞台在,我在前面的房子,”状态。”NEXO英国线监视器也被超净。I went on stage a couple times during sound check and was amazed by the separation from mix to mix.”我走在舞台上几次在声音的检查和吃惊分离混合备用。”

In addition to Klugh, Britton is currently working with Dave Koz, Sheila E., and Al Jarreau, and has said that all these acts would benefit from using the new NEXO wedges. “The artists I work with on a regular basis are always looking for high fidelity sound with volume, as opposed to ‘just get it as loud as it will go, no matter how it may end up sounding in the end.’ It is rare that you can turn a wedge on and up and it sounds great with zero EQ and zero feedback. 除了Klugh,英国目前正与戴夫、哈陈正昌、铝和Jarreau希拉,已经说过,所有的这些行为都将受益于使用新的NEXO楔形。“艺术家和我一起工作的定期总是在寻找高保真音效与体积,而不是‘只是把它大声它还有很长的路要走,无论怎样的结局可能会回响在end.‘这是罕见的,你可以把一块楔子上,这听起来不错,零情商和零的反馈。If you have a great desk like a Yamaha PM5D and incredible wedges like the NEXO 45°N-12, it would be virtually impossible to have anything but an awesome show.”如果你有一个伟大的书桌和难以置信PM5D像雅马哈NEXO 45°楔子一样,它会是N-12几乎不可能有什么事,而是一个可怕的表演。”

On Al Jarreau's gig, Britton says the overall stage volume is relatively quiet and finds that mixing quietly is challenging in that the musicians have to be able to hear everything clearly without overpowering each other, or Jarreau. “High fidelity is a must, and the NEXO wedges would be perfect in this environment. 在艾尔Jarreau说的音乐会,英国的整体阶段体积相对安静,发现混在这静静地是很有挑战性的音乐家们都能听到一切不清楚对方,或者Jarreau盛气凌人。”高保真是必须的,NEXO楔子就会完美是在这个环境。The sound is so focused and the clarity across the full audio spectrum is great at both high and low volume levels.”声音是如此的专注和明确性穿过完整声音的频谱不错,连大带小,产量水平。”

The NEXO 45°N-12 provides a higher SPL from the cabinet before feedback and sharp side attenuation. N-12 45°的NEXO提供更高的SPL从内阁前反馈意见和锋利的边衰减。Coverage and SPL are scalable. 可伸缩的覆盖面和苏超联赛。The arrayable line monitor has a frequency response of 55Hz-19kHz ±3db with 30-degree horizontal coverage, 22.5-degree diagonal (Coupling Plane) coverage and asymmetrical vertical coverage of 60° constant level from zero to 8 ft. arrayable线的监测具有频率响应的事55Hz-19kHz±3db水平覆盖、22.5-degree与对角(面)的报道和不对称耦合常数60°的垂直覆盖水平从零到8英尺。A single unit has a peak SPL of 140 db, passive/active internal switching mode. 一个单一的单位都有顶峰的SPL 140分贝,被动/主动内部转换模式。In passive mode 1000 to1600W is recommended at 8ω, in active mode the 8 ω LF is 900W to1400 W and the 16 ω HF is 300W-450W.在被动模式下1000 to1600W推荐,在动态模式在8ω8ωto1400 900W低频和16ωW是300W-450W心力衰竭。

Guitarist Klugh said, “the NEXO wedges are great sounding, well-balanced floor monitors. 吉他手Klugh说:“NEXO楔子是伟大的鸣叫,色香味俱全的地板监视器。They have a lot of life and the clarity is outstanding; some of the best I have ever heard!”他们有很多生活和透明度是优秀;一些最好的我听过!”

"The monitors seemed very good to me, quite clear,” notes Nelson Rangell, sax and flute player. “I was made aware of the NEXO line monitor’s isolation pattern which seems like a very good element indeed.” Bass player Dan Lutz said he thought the sound was awesome and the whole Yamaha/NEXO crew phenomenal. “Thanks to Melissa for a great job and for being such a pro and making the band all sound great.”“监视器上似乎对我很好,很清楚的指出:“纳尔逊Rangell,经和吹长笛的人。“我是知道的NEXO线班长的分离模式,似乎是一种很好的元素的确。”贝斯手丹·鲁茨说,他认为该声音实在太棒了,整个雅马哈/ NEXO船员惊人的。"谢谢梅丽莎为一份很好的工作,成为一个如此亲,让乐队所有声音很棒。”

David Lee, producer, writer, and Klugh keyboardist, told us, ”oh man, when I walked up to my riser, I only had to hit one note to hear the incredible quality and clarity of the NEXO wedges. 大卫-李,制作人,作者,Klugh键盘,告诉我们:“答:哦,伙计,当我走到我的冒口,我只不得不打一纸条听了令人难以置信的质量和清晰的NEXO楔形。When I hit that one note, I said 'oh my god!'当我打这一纸条,我说‘哦,我的天!”As a live performer on keys, I've always preferred live monitors instead of IEMs, and these monitors sounded like I had IEMs on. 表演者在作为一种活的钥匙,我总是优先住显示器代替IEMs,这些听起来就像我曾IEMs监视器上。I will be recommending to Earl that we have the NEXO wedges added to the rider."我将建议到伯爵,我们有NEXO楔子加到骑手。”

“Working with NEXO wedges makes the day so much easier because you can spend more time getting the perfect mix instead of spending time trying to get the wedge to sound good,” adds Britton. “The N-12s sounded great right out of the box. “工作与NEXO楔子使一天变得容易多了,因为你可以花更多的时间来了解完美混合的活,而不是花时间来使得楔形闸板能够听起来不错的英国,“增加。”N-12s听起来很不错,放在首位。I have to say I was quite impressed with them and I'm looking forward to using them again in other situations.” After the show, Britton said she would certainly add the NEXO 45°N-12 to her rider.我必须说,我印象很深刻,并同他们我很期待再次使用它们在其他形势。”演出后,英国说她肯定会增加NEXO 45°N-12她骑马的人。

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